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"Our Rhodes guide, and each of the 'Warwick Greek Island Guides' websites, are intended to be the most authoritative and comprehensive websites  on the World Wide Web – designed to provide an informative and interesting browsing experience. Factual, historical and contemporary specifics and information will be included and checked for accuracy and authenticity.

Rhodes Island Guide, like all our other guides that will be appearing in the Warwick  Greek Island Guides series, will be revised and updated regularly. New pages and items of relevancy will be added when needed, and there will be a healthy link with local island contacts that will help to keep news items fresh and relevant.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and the content and that you will come and visit the Greek islands sometime soon.


Best wishes and happy travelling!"






About the Owner K M Warwick


KMW is a former travel agent, qualified to IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) level, and is a committed Hellenophile (someone who loves Greece), who has enjoyed many trips to the Hellenic object of his affection and her wonderful Greek Islands.

He is a travel/food writer and novelist , abstract expressionist painter, an enthusiastic supporter of human rights - and always a practical but committed cosmopolitan.

Determined in raising the Greek islands international profile, so as to attract more tourists in whatever way he can, KMW's intention is to eventually create numerous high quality websites to help Greece in her present economic difficulties - especially since tourism is so vitally important to the Greek nation.

He is plainly aware that many of the existing Greek travel sites are sometimes too fragmented or diminutive to provide anything like the broad spectrum of helpful and useful information, that committed or occasional travellers may require. The one-stop-shop ethos is something he feels should be brought to bear so that tourists can find out, and print off, everything they need to know without having to buy a book as well as reserve any kind of holiday they want via the websites.

Abstract Expressionist painting by K M Warwick

 Acrylic on large stretched canvas


K M Warwick's current online gallery

KMW at the Online SAATCHI GALLERY - London United Kingdom

 The background picture on this page is an abstract expressionist painting by K M Warwick

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