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The Dodecanese islands are now surprisingly accessible!

Holidays and flights from the United Kingdom tend to be considerably cheaper than flying from other countries - so it's worth checking out the UK as your point of departure.  Some travellers take a vacation in the UK interspersed with a Greek idyll - just to take advantage of the cheaper flights.

During the tourist holiday period there are a number of direct flights to Rhodes and Kos via EasyJet, Ryanair and other charter and holiday company airlines - like Olympic Holidays, Cosmos, Thomson and Thomas Cook. 

Most major European nations have their own flights to Rhodes and Kos although the UK is particularly rich in choice during the busy seasons.  The sea links from Rhodes is now a lot more convenient and if you have not spent at least a couple of days exploring spectacular Rhodes Town, then you might like to create an itinerary to include other Dodecanese islands and Rhodes old town.

Scheduled airlines like Aegean and Olympic Air fly to Kos and Rhodes via Athens, which can give visitors the added option of doing Athens for a couple of nights prior to catching their internal flight. 

Greek Sun island holiday operators are particularly comprehensive and flexible and can easily arrange a suitable itinerary as per your specifications.  I can vouch for the entertaining charm of the small ‘island hopper’ turboprop planes that fly so low you can possibly choose what beach you would like to try as you fly like a bumble bee to your destination.



Airlines Domestic Connections

International Airport of Rhodes: Diagoras
Phone Center: (0030)2241088700
 Olympic Air
Athens- Thessaloniki- Heraclion- Kos- Leros- Astypalea- Kastelorizo- Karpathos- Kassos- Sitia
Reservations: 801114444
Airport “Diagoras”
Address: Paradisi, Rhodes 85106, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 83400- 3
Fax: 0030 22410 82118
Aegean Air
Athens- Thessaloniki
Reservations: 8011120000
Airport “Diagoras”
Address: Paradisi, Rhodes 85106, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 98345
22410 98359
Fax: 0030 22410 82040
Sky Express
Heraclion- Chios- Mytilini- Samos
Airport “Diagoras”
Address: Paradeisi, Rhodes 85106, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 83264

Crete Office
: 2810 223800-
     2810 223500
Fax: (0030) 2810 223711
Executive Air Transport - Air Taxi
Airport “Diagoras”
 Address: Paradeisi, Rhodes 85106, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 80000
Fax: 0030 22410 98057
Mobile: 0030 6936 981000
Heraclion- Larnaca (Cyprus)
Airport “Diagoras”
Address: Paradeisi, Rhodes 85106, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 82510
Fax: (0030) 22410 82512
Travel Tip!

Sometimes it pays, especially on last minute reservations, to book up the cheapest Rhodes package holiday you can find (just for the flight), preferably either in or near to Rhodes town. This will enable you to do a long excursion to Tilos and to take in Rhodes - especially the old medieval quarter - if you've not seen it.  On the plus side,you have a booked base plus a return flight at a bargain basement price.Try 'Very Cheap Holidays' below, for example:


Travellers Tips on Personal Issues

So you are going on a long journey – maybe taking a plane to Athens and a few hours later catching a boat on a long journey to some idyllic Greek island?  That baggage is another consideration.

How to keep fresh?  In the height of summer travelling long journeys can be an arduous, hot and sweaty experience.  

Tip:  Take a small pack of body wipes. These can be used for your trunk area and keep you relatively clean and fresh.

Tip: A small bottle of antibacterial hand cleanser will allow you to keep your hands clean when things get sticky and dirty.

Tip:  Before you leave the house, take my advice and anoint your bum area with a small amount of Tea Tree Oil Cream. What?  Yes, tea tree oil cream is a great deodorizer and can help you keep and feel fresher all day long.  Take some with you for after you’ve used the loo – marvelous stuff for extra confidence.

Tip:  Use a more powerful underarm deodorant – a 24 hour type like Mitcham (which boasts 48 hour!). 

Tip:  Carrying a small bottle of good quality cologne or EDT (within the 100ml limit) is a good idea for when you want to freshen-up in the aircraft loo or at the terminals.  Something with a citrus mix is your best bet and can lift your mood and confidence.  I would recommend Floris of London’s ‘Extract of Limes’ – created in the late 18th century as a first rate deodorizer (to counteract the London stink!) and still brilliant.  Penhaligons Quercus is also a good choice (both suitable for men or women). Not cheap but last a long time.

Tip:  Take a small pocket pack of tissues – always useful, especially when the loo paper has disappeared.

Tip:  Take some sugar-free peppermint chewing gum to freshen your mouth/breath - this will also help to keep your teeth fairly clean and saves having to brush them.



Do you have any travel tips?  If so please send them to us and we will print them here with your name attached.



The small Bombadier turboprop air-plane, seen above, is affectionately known as the 'island hopper' and is both reliable with an exemplary safety record.  In several sizes, all are designed to carry a handful of passengers safely from Athens to their island destinations and provides an entertaining and interesting air travel experience.



Rhodes Airport Check-In Area



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