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It is a fact that around 20% of all the cash spent by tourists in Greece is spent by gay males and females; not something some people in the world's societies, or the travel trade, would like to admit or even acknowledge, but then even here fact may be stranger than fiction and essentially overrides prejudice and homophobia. That the so-called 'pink Euro/dollar/pound', etc, is a powerful persuader for travel traders that gay people actually spend, on average, more  cash per head than, say, heterosexuals, who are often with their kids to subsidise; this is a truism accepted throughout the international tourist circuit by hard realists who have no qualms or illusions about the facts of life and all that. 

Gay people not only deserve respect but they need to be accepted and credited for their spending power - as well as their right to be different.  The great irony here is that the vast majority of gay men and women often pass for straight in any event, often via the presumptions of the masses including travel traders; how can you tell?  You just cannot, unless the gay man or woman broadcasts it. Just assuming someone is gay is not the thing to do in Greece, simply because it carries such a traditional condemnatory ethos, and besides most Greeks still hold homosexuality as a sin, and even as an evil thing to be abhorred.  That Greece is one of the most anti-gay countries is surprising, since the incidence of open homophobic attacks (verbal or physical) are rare.  That is, thankfully, down to Greek manners and their fairly tight social skills that dictates a big no-no to even to discuss such a controversial issue as the 'gay' factor, let alone make a public issue of it.  Sin is, after all, not a good thing to the religious or devout social etiquette complier, even if their ethos is wrong to many.

My message to all travel and hotel trading individuals and companies in Greece is this:  do not bite the hand that feeds you! Far better to accept the fact that the pink Euro is  a significant contributor to the Greek balance of payments and respect the fact that although gay, these human beings really do appreciate Greece and all her varied beauty.  Let them be themselves and make them welcome!

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Considering the history of ancient Greece and its OK attitude towards all things gay (it was virtually considered a normal phenomenon in Plato's time) it seems perverse that many Greeks take the opposite view in today's world.


Although Greek bisexual activity is a moot subject, with such proclivity in constant flux, essentially amongst Greek males, so to speak, being wholly gay is still considered a sin by many - especially the older generation. Dabbling is often ignored. However, notwithstanding gay persecution, Greek traditions and their implicit rules on hospitality and their 'welcoming of strangers' ethos, dictates that even openly gay men and women are not treated like muck. 


Indeed, the Greeks have a quite narrow-minded habit of assuming everyone is straight unless proven otherwise. A habit not so delightful for committed gays who prefer their sexual proclivity to go hand in hand with who they are and for people to just accept their differences. The main protagonists, to use another Greek word, are the religious bodies that have proclaimed, in memoriam, that homosexuality is a prime sin - full stop.  They even castigated and overruled the brave and strident mayor of the tiny island of Tilos for conducting the first gay marriage in Greece by marrying two women, despite this being seen as a direct challenge to the authority of the Greek Orthodox Church.  It caused a great deal of controversy resulting in the annulment of the ceremony and embarrassment for all concerned.

A global brand of certified gay and lesbian welcoming hotels.
A global brand of certified gay and lesbian welcoming hotels.
A global brand of certified gay and lesbian welcoming hotels.


Despite Greek island Mykonos' international recognition as not only the best party island in Europe, but also the biggest gay-friendly spot on earth, Greek views on the gay thing remain conservative and at times, sadly, vehemently hostile.  So don't push it - chill out and just be yourself. Rhodes, as a prime example, has a history of living and letting others live, whoever it may be enjoying her shores. So the trick is to respect all Greeks and their sensibilities and just be yourself.  That may sound like a contradiction in terms, but believe me, the Greeks are rarely a knowingly hostile or vindictive race, and they would normally be relied upon to treat all visitors with respect, dignity and fairness, 24-7!  Enjoy!

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 Gay Clubs and Bars in Rhodes Town

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Sofokleous 9-13


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D   Dancing
YG   Young gays (18-28)


Orfanidou 8


AC   Air Conditioning
G   Majority of guests are gay

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The pictured hotels are recommended, cosmopolitan, and, for positive reference purposes, gay-friendly with a mixed clientèle:

Gay Beaches



NU  Nudist area 
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NU  Nudist area 
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Kato Petres

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Turkish Hamam

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