RHODES - the Sunshine Isle


 Holiday Check-List



Before leaving home make sure you have in your bum bag and/or document/money belt the following:



  • Passport
  • Insurance document and medical emergency phone number*
  • Cash (including Euro notes), cards, traveller cheques plus pin numbers memorized
  • Tickets
  • Hotel Voucher or holiday confirmation
  • List of your important phone number (written down)
  • The telephone number of the local British Consulate in Rhodes or Athens (see Trouble Shooting page)



Make sure you have done these things:



  • Closed and locked any windows or doors
  • Unplugged or switched off all unessential electrical items
  • Switched on any security lights – outside and inside
  • Turned off hot water heating system if not needed
  • Told all need-to-know parties where you are going, and given them an emergency telephone number in case they need to communicate – your mobile and hotel telephone numbers are the usual ones.
  • Arranged for an automatic watering system, or a human being, to water your house and garden plants – easily forgotten!
  • Packed your suitcases and hand luggage carefully - with anything you may need, en route, to hand (see Baggage Issues and Air Travel Pages)
  • Left all valuable watches and jewellery at home – take cheap diving watches and costume or plated stuff – no one will notice and you won’t get robbed (rarity in law-abiding Greece!)

*If you have no private medical insurance buy it now or at the airport – do not forget!


Below is a video of the new Terminal 5 Baggage-handling system at London Heathrow Airport



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