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Hero of Greek Guides?

Matt Barrett is one of the pioneers of travel guides to Greece, and along with Lawrence Durrell and Elizabeth David, inspired me to create the Warwick Greek Island Guides.

For me, and probably for Matt, Greece is a monumental experience that will haunt and entreat visitors to return time after time.  Greece really is an emotional love affair of mind and heart, and a place of enduring beauty, sanctuary and a place where the people have a charm all of their own.

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"My Greece Travel Guide began as a hobby in 1995 and since then it has grown in popularity and size.  99.9% of the material in my guides was written by myself. I don't have a staff. I took all the photos with the exception of some of the historical ones. I update the site continuously so unlike a guidebook I don't have to wait for the next printing to fix a mistake. People have been asking me how they can contribute. First of all you can contribute by using the agencies I recommend. Without their support this site could not exist. The best way to contribute is to help spread the word about my Greece Travel Guides. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell strangers on the travel bulletin boards."
"For me writing about Greece is not a job. It is like a higher calling. If one's duty on earth is to awaken those around him and so awaken himself what better tool is there than Greece? For those of us who spend long hours a day working or involved in the routine of modern life Greece is an awakening. It reminds us that we are alive. I hope that my Greece Travel Guides awaken something in you that brings you back to Greece"
Matt Barrett

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