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Apart from K M Warwick, the editor, web-master, travel writer, etc., and the owner of the Warwick Greek Island Guides, we are also proudly served by our two writers as follows:

Ava Van Hollander

Ava Van Hollander is our principle writer and was born in London in 1967 and has spent many years working as a writer on various in-house magazines and other commercial publications.  She is a Cambridge graduate and is qualified to teach ‘English as a Foreign Language’. Her interest in European travel, especially to Greece and her Islands, was a natural focus for her travel writing, and she has written an impressive array of articles all worthy of the titles ‘authoritative’ and ‘reliable’.

“I am thrilled to become involved in such a great project as the Warwick Travel Guides and look forward to contributing to the growth of this highly laudable series of travel guides to Greece and, in time, elsewhere.  There is certainly room in the internet market for websites that are so practically useful and informative as the Warwick series.”  Ava Van Hollander 1st May 2011

Our principle travel journalist, Ava has many interests as well as a life partner, Jack, of many years.  They live in a ‘perfect little house’ in Chiswick, London. She especially loves the smaller Greek Islands, as well as various other Greek and European locations. Her hobbies include Mediterranean Cookery, History, Literature, Human Rights, horticulture and keeping fit and healthy. She owns two cats, Aegea and Memphis, who are, she says, surrogate children: “Although I spend half the year travelling, it’s always lovely to come home to my partner Jack and our two lovely cats!”


Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton is an Oxford graduate travel writer who has great talent and will be contributing as one of our new staff writers.  Born in 1986, he has a passion for travelling, especially to islands and cities, and we look forward to his future contributions.  Tim is also an English language teacher. His interests, he assures us, are ‘far too numerous and eclectic to mention! Other than that he is fancy free and able to travel as and when.  He apparently has enormous energy and we hear on the grapevine that he is smitten with skiing at premier locations like Aspen and St Moritz. His only vice, apparently, is chasing sunsets!  Oh yes?!

“It’s really exciting to become associated with such an excellent new series of travel websites.  I get the feeling that the Warwick Travel Guides are going places!” Tim Hamilton 2nd May 2011

Tim lives in Shoreditch, London in a tiny but comfy flat that is his ‘bolt-hole’.  He wants a dog but not before he visits all of the Greek Islands and cities of the world.  That could be some time!

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