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I have visited the following places and heartily recommend them for their food and drink augmented by friendly, attentive waiters and owners. That is the least you should expect, and never be afraid of complaining if your complaint is genuine.  Feedback is highly valuable, and not all owners may realise what is going on under their noses.

I can never guarantee satisfaction, but at least you will know where to head first if you are unsure as to what place to spend your money in. Their prices are reasonable and the food should be good.  As with all good restaurants the waiters and managers/owners are only too happy to deal with any issues that may arise, so don't be shy to ask for attention or advice.

As you saunter along the streets, just ignore the pushy touts; they can be aggressively inviting and even disturbingly annoying.  It's been a lean last few years so some places are anxious to attract customers - and it's an imperative we must all accept as part of being tourists.



TIP: To avoid the attention of pushy touts, it is best to refrain from making any direct eye contact;  look straight ahead, keep moving and politely say 'Ochy efharisto!', without turning your head.  This is Greek for 'No thanks!' and is the best way to deal with any restaurant or bar tout.



Rhodes has a vast array from restaurants from the expensive and chic, to the cheap and cheerful.  Having said this,  a good lamb giro and chips with salad and a dip can be a cheap and delicious change on any day and not to be sniffed at as part of the Greek culinary experience.  Some of my best meals have been from a corner giro or kebab outlet!

The first thing we must be critical of is the service:  were the staff/owner(s) welcoming? Were they attentive and actually cared about you and your needs as a customer?  Then there is the food and the ambience.  Obviously the food must be fresh or freshly cooked - the lamb chops cooked to order, etcetera.

On visual impressions, it is often a mistake to assume a Spartan or plain looking place, with basic furniture, is a no-no; often these places are good value with good food and service - so try them out if the owner is friendly.  It is actually my considered experience that appearances mean nothing;  you can come across the most beautiful restaurant with fabulous views and end up with poor food and even worse service, although sometimes the service is great but the food is dire!  You just cannot tell! 

Also, in my experience, if the toilets are clean, it often seems to suggest the rest of the place is clean too; although Greek hygiene laws are very strict since tourism is the country's biggest earner.

K M WARWICK of Warwick Greek Island Guides April 2013





Louis, on the right→, with his welcoming and professional staff!

The staff and management of the Louis are always ready to provide good service and good food in their relaxing restaurant. 

Just behind the Mediterranean Hotel, on Kos Street, the owner Louis is expanding his place into the beautiful 1930's building next door at considerable expense; all to be ready for the 2013 season and so providing many more tables. 

I ate here and I can highly recommend this superior establishment for good value food and service and I recommend dishes that include impeccably cooked deep fried calamari - wonderful.



I returned to Rhodes in August 2013 and, naturally, dined a couple of times at Louis and for the first time sampled what I can honestly say was the best, and biggest, proper mixed grill I have ever had!  Excellent eating and full marks to Louis' commitment to fresh and delicious ingredients!  Yamas!


Best wishes to Louis for successful seasons!




5 Kos str.
85100 Rhodes

Tel: +30-22410-38232



Louis again and more photos...





 15 Sofokleous street, Rhodes Old Town, 85100, Rhodes

Tel/Fax:  2241025549

Email::  silouen@hotmail.com


Pretty, smart little restaurant with an attractive, shady, relaxing courtyard full of neat tables;  great place for an evening meal or a daytime coffee.  Food is good and service is fine too.  Good menu with traditional dishes as well as other tastes and a good wine list, although the house wine is quite agreeable!

The background picture to this page, is actually the garden area of Romios.



62 Pythagora Street

Old Town


Tel:  22410 26217

Email:  kostas@hotmail.com

I was determined to locate and try this taverna out, after hearing so much about it, and on a rainy, windy early April evening (unusual, but not a problem!) it was well worth the hunt, although it's easier to find than you think.  Pythagora is, as you stand facing upwards from the fountain in the main square of Ippokratos, directly at ten o'clock, or towards the left of the middle area; oh just ask a local and they will point you there!

This is what Greece can do so well, a taverna with a friendly, welcoming owner, good reasonably priced food, and good service in pleasant surroundings. The stuffed squid and the freshly grilled pieces of octopus were quite delicious, and indeed the octopus was excellent and the best I have ever eaten. The house wine is good, and the owner is full of stories and information and is an entertaining presence that augments the proceedings.  There is an attractive covered terrace that abuts an ancient wall and has views of date palms in an historic area.  Highly recommended!

A helpful map:


    LINDOS Tavernas


There are a number of very good places to eat in lovely, picturesque Lindos town, some with fabulous views, others without, but still offering a high level of service and cuisine in enjoyable surroundings

I have only visited and partaken at a small number of places so far, although I intend to try them all some day soon; I have for now decided to recommend the following for your delectation and hope they meet with your approval.



Very good taverna right in the centre of Lindos town, serving good food with superb vista views of the Lindos panorama; try the mixed grill and try to get a table on the terrace.  The owners are charming, helpful and offer a good range of Greek food and an excellent Greek salad.  The Trip Advisor reviews say it all; stroll up the main street and if you cannot see it, ask a local who will be pleased to direct you. It is up some stairs via a welcoming entrance.



Fabulous view and a really nice place for a drink or for food; nice and friendly couple are only too helpful and I thoroughly recommend it as a good place to chill out.   As you stand in the small square where the taxi point is, go left and then find it directly on the right.


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